Why is Construction Safety Important?

Health and safety are one of the most important considerations you should take before any construction project gets underway. You should always make sure that all aspects of health & safety have been considered before you step foot on the construction site. Health & safety in construction are particularly important because the industry is prone to hazardous situations and can be dangerous at times. This can lead to a huge loss in working hours and also mean that workers are unhappy with their job roles. Madhure Infra Engineering explains some major reasons why health and safety are important in the workplace.
Injuries in Construction
Over the last year, there were 43 workers injured in the construction sector, which is still an alarmingly large number. A large portion of accidents on the construction site was caused by slips, trips, and falls, as reported by employers in 2015/16. But many people were also injured during lifting & handling or falling from a height on the construction site. This emphasizes the magnitude of safety in construction and there are 2 ways that you can help to prevent these accidents from happening.
· Training – Many accidents occur on the construction site just because of workers have not had the proper training before starting on a project. Proper training will make sure your employees are aware of the risks on the construction site.
· Tools – The right safety tools can also make a large difference in the workplace & help to avoid any unnecessary accidents. Safety products such as fall arrest tackle and safety clothing can help to reduce the risk in the workplace.
Businesses are Responsible
If you do not have the correct health and safety procedures in place then you will most likely be breaking the law. This means that your business could be fined, sued or even suspended from operating depending on the level of risk. If the HSE find that the construction site has not met health & safety regulations, they have the power to take action against your business. If an employee feels they have not received the proper health & safety training, they can inform the HSE who will investigate the issues. You may also face the problem of compensation if a worker is seriously injured on the construction site, and the project might even need to be halted for the investigation.
Your Business Can Benefit
Not only is health & safety important to avoid injury, there are also plenty of other long term benefits that your business stands to gain. By implementing the right health & safety procedures, your employees are much more likely to be happier in their roles. If your workers have the right knowledge & tools, it can boost morale on the construction site and lead to better productivity. With less illness & injury you can also gain more productive working hours, which can lead to better profitability. In the long term, you can also build a good reputation for your business & it will help to retain staff.

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